Lending Programs to Fit You

GNEC offers lending programs to allow business owners who struggle to access capital to apply for and access loans at competitive rates. Our lending programs are funded by various sources offering a wider range of flexible terms tailored to help entrepreneurs grow. See which program best fits your needs.

GNEC DreamMaker Business Loan - Clothing

DreamMaker Loan

Provide loans that range
between $1k to $20k.

Who is this for?

For startup micro-entrepreneurs seeking seed capital. The funds can be used for inventory, equipment purchases, etc. Final decisions are determined by our internal credit committee.

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GNEC Business Builder Business Loan - black woman owner

Business Builder Loan

Provide loans that range
over $20K to $75K.

Who is this for?

This loan is usually for seasoned entrepreneurs looking to expand their business. Loans up to 100K can be achieved through some of our community development partnerships.

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All loans start off from these two programs above. Please apply accordingly.

Different Method to Underwriting Loans

As a Community Development Financial Institution, we approach lending differently than traditional financial institutions. We do not just examine and make decisions based on credit scores but specialize in ways to help clients who may have difficulty accessing capital from traditional means. We assist entrepreneurs to grow economically stable businesses by helping them secure access to funds. Additionally, we provide the resources and know-how to close the racial funding gap to help make our clients bankable.

All loans will undergo an underwriting process.

If you have questions feel free to connect with our team.

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A Profile of Our Clients

Over 175
loan clients

since 2012


Minority clients


female clients

Average Loan Size

2020 | $ 14,272

2021 | $ 24,008

2022 | $ 21,627

*2022 projection

In 2022, loans have been made to entrepreneurs with the following income levels:









Entrepreneurs use loans for some of the following purposes:

  • Start-up costs (seed money)
  • Inventory and supplies
  • Equipment purchases
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Working capital
  • Business expansion
  • Advertising and promotions
  • Payroll

GNEC Loan Feedback

Here are some comments from a few businesses who have received loans from GNEC.

Tools to Start Your Financial Journey

Loan Calculator Tool

Figure out your estimated payment the easy way.

Credit Resources Tool

Check and monitor your credit score and more.

Technical Programs to Fit You

GNEC offers you resources such as bookkeeping, accounting,
website support and more to help create a sustainable business.

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Success Stories

Jessenia Silverio

Inspired by the notion that food brings everyone to the table, she uses it as an opportunity to serve as a communal historian of Puerto Rico through her business, The Banana leaf.

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