Connie Astudillo

Operations Associate

Connie is an experienced Operations Associate with a diverse background in banking, administration, mortgage, and immigration.

With 3 years of experience in the financial services industry, Connie has honed her skills in operations, process improvement, and risk management. She has a vast understanding of banking operations, including regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and customer service.

Prior to joining GNEC, Connie worked in real estate as a loan processor for a small mortgage company. Here, she gained extensive knowledge of credit and mortgage operations, including underwriting, loan origination, and servicing. She has experience working with diverse client populations and is keen on identifying solutions to meet their unique needs.

In addition to her financial services background, Connie has also worked in an immigration law firm, providing support to clients navigating the complex U.S. immigration system. Her experience included preparing applications, conducting legal research, and interpreting and translating legal documents.

Connie is fluent in Spanish, which enables her to provide language support to clients in legal and financial settings. She has a profound respect for cultural differences and understands the importance of effective communication in achieving successful outcomes.

She is a problem-solver who thrives in fast-paced environments and is committed to delivering high-quality results. She is a highly skilled administrator with a strong interest in working in community initiatives which enrich positive neighborhood development efforts.