Get invaluable expertise to develop the back-office administrative and support functions of your business while building your business. With GNEC’s BACKSTOP Program, you’ll work with experts in technology, consulting and marketing for one year at a subsidized price of just $300 per track (each listed below) for the year.

BACKSTOP is customized to your needs based on whatever stage of development your business is at – from start-ups to those experiencing growth and/or profitability. You decide which track to pursue that best suits your business requirements:

Track 1 – Bookkeeping Services

  • 50 hours of instruction in bookkeeping services – from general ledger accounts set-up to auditing clients’ QuickBook accounts for accuracy.
  • Access to a QuickBooks online license for 1 year (including software setup and training).
  • Tutoring on how to perform a monthly financial review with management.
  • Training for preparing a client checklist for year-end tax preparation.

Track 2 – Business Credit Building Services

  • Good business credit may help you with better access to capital.
  • How do we help you accomplish both? Through access to Duns & Bradstreet’s CreditBuilder Basic.
  • CreditBuilder Basic helps your business through:
    • Increased sales and loan opportunities
    • Higher lines of credit
    • Improved lending rates
    • Better cash flow
    • Greater credibility for deals and sales

Track 3 – Branding, Website & Digital Marketing

  • Learn how to design and build a WordPress website.
  • Train to launch and grow your business’ social media presence.
  • Understand how to turn social media exposure and leads into customers.
  • Get instruction on CRM (customer relationship manager) best practices to keep track of and build long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Gain access to Ebooks, designed by Raise Newark, for learning additional marketing pro tips!

Track 4 – APEX Accelerators help businesses

In partnership with NJIT APEX Accelerator
  • Complete registration with a wide range of databases necessary for them to participate in the government marketplace (e.g., SAM).
  • Identify which agencies and offices may need their products or services and how to connect with buying agencies and offices.
  • Determine whether they are ready for government opportunities and how to position themselves to succeed.
  • Navigate solicitations and potential funding opportunities.
  • Receive notifications of government contract opportunities on a regular basis.
  • Network with buying officers, prime contractors, and other businesses.
  • Resolve performance issues and prepare for audit, only if the service is needed, after receiving an award

Track 5 –Consumer Credit Coaching

In partnership with New Jersey Citizen Action Education Fund (NJCAEF)

  • Understanding credit scores and why they matter
  • Access to Credco Comprehensive Soft Pull Credit Report
  • Reading and understanding a consumer credit report
  • Learning and taking credit builder steps
  • Credit Build monitoring
  • One-on-one ongoing financial skill-building based on goals

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Current Clients

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